How to Follow a Shop or Seller on TEMU? [2024]

How to Follow a Shop or Seller on TEMU? [2024]

How to Follow a Shop or Seller on TEMU? TEMU is a rapidly growing online marketplace that links buyers and sellers around the world. It aims to offer high-quality products at wholesale prices to consumers. On TEMU, you can discover a wide range of items in categories like electronics, fashion, home & garden, toys, sports, auto parts, and more.

The platform is gaining popularity due to its affordable prices, extensive selection, and user-friendly experience. It consistently features exciting deals and discounts to attract shoppers. As of 2023, TEMU boasts over 5 million users and continues its global expansion.

A handy feature on TEMU is the ability to follow specific shops and sellers. Following a shop or seller on TEMU allows you to easily stay updated on their new arrivals, deals, store updates, and more. This article will guide you on how to follow shops and sellers on TEMU.

Steps to Follow a Shop/Seller on TEMU

Follow these straightforward steps to follow any shop or seller on the TEMU marketplace:

  1. Search for the Shop/Seller
    • Open the TEMU app or visit the TEMU website.
    • On the homepage, tap the search bar at the top.
    • Type the name of the shop or seller you want to follow (e.g., search for “Mobile Phones”).
    • Tap the search icon to display results related to your query.
    • Scroll through the results, check ratings and reviews, and tap on the desired shop/seller’s page.
  2. Tap on the Follow Button
    • On the shop or seller’s page, locate the Follow button below their name and product listing.
    • Simply tap the Follow button to follow that seller.
    • The button color changes, confirming your successful follow.
  3. Manage Your Following List
    • To view all the shops and sellers you follow, tap the Profile icon at the bottom right.
    • Tap the Following tab next to Wishlist to access your Following list.
    • Tap on a shop or seller’s name to open their store page.
    • To unfollow a shop/seller, tap the Following button again, and it will revert to its original state.

Benefits of Following Shops/Sellers on TEMU

Discover some great benefits of following shops and sellers on the TEMU marketplace:

  • Get Notified of New Arrivals: Receive updates when a shop or seller adds new products, visible on your TEMU homepage.
  • See Special Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions offered by shops and sellers to their followers.
  • Stay Updated on Store News: Keep track of the latest store announcements, policy changes, and customer reviews.
  • Easier to Track Orders: Following specific shops makes it convenient to track orders and shipping status.
  • Get Recommendations: TEMU will suggest products from the shops and sellers you follow, tailored to your interests.
  • Support Your Favorite Sellers: Show support to your preferred sellers by following their store, potentially unlocking special perks or early access to sales.

Unfollowing Shops/Sellers on TEMU

Easily unfollow shops and sellers when needed on the TEMU app:

  • Open the Profile section and tap Following to see your list.
  • Locate the shop/seller you want to unfollow and tap on it.
  • Tap the Following button on their page, and it will revert to its original ‘Follow’ state, indicating successful unfollowing.

Repeat these steps as needed to unfollow any number of sellers.

Tips for Following Shops and Sellers on TEMU

Manage your Following list efficiently on TEMU with these useful tips:

  • Curate your Following list with sellers offering products relevant to your needs.
  • Ensure the sellers you follow have good ratings and reviews, indicating reliability.
  • Unfollow shops and sellers if they frequently post irrelevant updates or deals unrelated to you.
  • Periodically check your Following list and remove shops/sellers you no longer wish to follow.
  • Turn on notifications for followed sellers to never miss their new arrivals and offers.
  • Follow reputable brands and big stores along with small businesses to find the best deals.
  • Avoid randomly following sellers in bulk without verifying their credibility.


Following trusted shops and sellers is an excellent way to stay informed about new inventory, discounts, and store updates on TEMU. Maintaining an updated Following list also makes online shopping faster and more efficient. The next time you make a purchase on TEMU, consider following the seller for a personalized feed with deals and arrivals tailored to you. Happy shopping!

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